The UNAIDS We Need

The UNAIDS We NeedREPOST:  The NGO Delegation is organizing #TheUNAIDSWeNeed, a social media campaign to drum up awareness on the ongoing process of rethinking the new UNAIDS operating model. This is also an opportunity to visually send messages to UNAIDS Secretariat, Co-sponsors, and Member States on what the global HIV community and civil society expect and envisage of the UNAIDSnew operating model.

For this campaign, we would like to request you to share photos of you and your colleagues and community partners holding signs with messages that respond to the hashtag. You can use A4 size paper or other sizes – the bigger and bolder the sign, the better.

The campaign started on April 24 leading up to the April 28 Multi-stakeholder Consultation in Geneva and the June 40th PCB on June 27-28.  We are encouraging everyone to be frank and bold in your asks.

Some messages that the Delegates brought to the April 28 Consultation are:

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed actively advocates for decriminalization of sex work/drug use/male-to-male sex.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed puts communities at the center of the HIV response.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed is accountable to communities.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed leaves no one behind.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed has regional and country teams that deliver on promises/function efficiently.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed ensures funding for communities and key populations.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed integrates gender equity in all its programmes, policies and practices.

Strategic. Efficient. Responsive to the Needs of Communities. #TheUNAIDSWeNeed

Employs people with relevant expertise and good relations with community, esp at country and regional offices. #TheUNAIDSWeNeed

We suggest to take photos where it’s strategic, such as near UNAIDS signages (wherever in the world you are).

Please post your photos and tag us on Facebook (NGO Delegation to theUNAIDS PCB - or on Twitter @ngopcb. Please also help us spread the word on this campaign. We will be collating all the photos and posting them on the Delegation’s website and social media pages. The photos will also be sent to UNAIDS, PCB members and other partners.

Thank you and best regards,
Malu Marin
Manager, Communication and Consultation Facility (CCF)
NGO Delegation to the PCB, UNAIDS