Excluded Blues, Again

ExclusionZone_px203_0In early June there was a High Level Panel Discussion in Brussels, under the DEVEX banner, to discuss ways to realize the Right to Health for all by 2030. The World Health Organization, Action for Global Health, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Stop AIDS Alliance and other partners held a high-level panel at this year’s European Development Days. They called for a “paradigm shift toward equity in health care”.

Before their meeting, a few of us at IMAXI had tweeted about our fears that the people most in need of that equity and the Right to Health, poor people living with diseases/disabilities, would not be present to participate:

‪#GlobalHealth‬ Event: “Realising ‪#RightToHealth‬ by 2030 -Time for paradigm shift” ‪http://bit.ly/1M1BrsH ‬ —But w/o community ‪#participation‬? ‪#RtH‬

Our fears were justified.

Once again, ‘High Level’ means the ‘top’ reinforcing the top-down status-quo, keeping those who are the most natural ‘stakeholders’ from being involved in the development of policies that have enormous impact on their lives, their families and communities.

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