The UNAIDS We Need

The UNAIDS We NeedREPOST:  The NGO Delegation is organizing #TheUNAIDSWeNeed, a social media campaign to drum up awareness on the ongoing process of rethinking the new UNAIDS operating model. This is also an opportunity to visually send messages to UNAIDS Secretariat, Co-sponsors, and Member States on what the global HIV community and civil society expect and envisage of the UNAIDSnew operating model.

For this campaign, we would like to request you to share photos of you and your colleagues and community partners holding signs with messages that respond to the hashtag. You can use A4 size paper or other sizes – the bigger and bolder the sign, the better.

The campaign started on April 24 leading up to the April 28 Multi-stakeholder Consultation in Geneva and the June 40th PCB on June 27-28.  We are encouraging everyone to be frank and bold in your asks.

Some messages that the Delegates brought to the April 28 Consultation are:

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed actively advocates for decriminalization of sex work/drug use/male-to-male sex.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed puts communities at the center of the HIV response.

#TheUNAIDSWeNeed is accountable to communities.

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“Women are mobilizing…”

Women are mobilizingWomen are mobilizing…   Women from across Civil Society and across the globe are mobilizing to thank UNAIDS for their investments in women and girls and to let them know that there is still so much to be done. We urgently need to have global leadership, partnership and accountability that includes women from grassroots upwards to shape, guide and influence the policies and interventions that impact our lives. We can not go backwards and must have systems in place that protect our gains and continue to move us forward.

Please find the sign-on letter below to UNAIDS.
Anyone who wishes to sign on can email kristenldegraaf <at>  with your name, country and organization (if applicable) by 24 Feb. Please share widely. Thank you everyone!
Brightest Wishes,  Ebony Johnson

Women have spoken: #WhatWomenWant is renewed leadership, investment, and partnership

We are at an historic moment rich with opportunity, yet we are challenged with ambiguity, contradiction, and uncertainty that threaten to reverse the gains made in terms of our rights, our health, and our equality.  The connections we make, the work we undertake, the experiences we bring, the vision we shape, and the future we build together is more critical than ever to achieve a world where women in all our diversity and across our lifecycle lead and realize our dreams.   Achieving our rights and health, and living with dignity, depends on achieving justice, safety, and equality for all.

The most effective solutions for women and girls must include us, our voices, our visions, and our guidance.

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