Last Call: All Aboard! Survey1

All Aboard Survey1UPDATE: As we are moving towards launching the next survey for the All Aboard Research Project, this is a ‘last call’ for responses to the current questionnaire on participation and representation in global health. We’ve had many responses from very diverse folks from around the world, and we would like a few more before  Survey1 closes. So please contribute 5 to 10 minutes of your time and views, and do the quick survey. Click here to get on board.

Reposted from 06/06/2017

Sometimes, an opinion can make a difference. This is one of those times.

The human right and principle of participation states that people, particularly those clearly affected (yet usually excluded), must be involved in institutional decisions that have an impact on them, including in the design, development, implementation and monitoring of the programmes that are needed.

When the right to participation is applied to health, with hundreds of millions of people whose lives may depend on these decisions and policies, their views and ‘voices’ must be through a system of representation that is equitable and responsive to their needs.

In global health governance, it appears that those most at risk of being ‘left behind’, are also being left out — excluded from participating in decisions about them. So late last year, the IMAXI Cooperative began a new and needed initiative — All Aboard!

‘All Aboard’ is a two step research and development project that will first assess the state of affected community participation in decision-making bodies within key institutions in global health, including the United Nations (WHO, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women) and two major foundations, the Global Fund and Gates. The second step is to apply this knowledge to the programmatic advance of meaningful participation and accountable representation. First the scientific research, then the evidence-based development.

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Midnight Express: All Aboard!

All Aboard ExpressAll Aboard the Midnight Express!
Depart immediately on the fast track.

For the last six months, members of the IMAXI Cooperative and over a dozen comrades and colleagues have been collaborating, as volunteers, on an innovative research and development project that we call ‘All Aboard’. It brings together a diverse group of activists, academics and experts to focus on improving the participation of those most affected by the decisions and policy-making processes within global health — poor people living with life-threatening diseases and life-changing disabilities. We want to learn how to arrange a ‘seat at the table’ for those that are excluded today.

The All Aboard research team is conducting a comprehensive study to assess the state of community participation in the governance of key institutions in global health, including the United Nations agencies (WHO, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women) and two major foundations, the Global Fund and Gates. Together, we plan to produce a high quality paper for publication in the prestigious peer-review scholarly journal, Global Health Governance, and towards this, our abstract has been accepted.

Although we have had delays and breakdowns that left us immobile in the station on a few occasions, we are now rushing ahead non-stop – like the Midnight Express we roll-on through the night towards our destination. We have conducted literature and document reviews, completed most of the interviews with the ‘key actors’ in global health that we needed, and prepared the (community-made) civil society survey to go out next week.  The time-line is tight, and we’ve a challenge ahead of us to finish writing the paper for the deadline for its submission. We hope that when successfully completed, this evidenced-based research can contribute to advancing, in all of the global health institutions, the right to meaningful participation and accountable representation of those most at risk of “being left behind”.

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