Again: Activate, Participate…

A Call to Activate, Participate, Educate, Cooperate

Harder times for those who already have tough times are arriving. Poor people living with life-threatening diseases such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, CVD, COPD, hepatitis and TB are already feeling the effects of cruel cut backs in public health services. People living with disabilities are struggling more and people in pain are without relief. Our suffering grows, and families and caregivers are being burdened more each day. The force of solidarity is diminishing. Austerity has driven dark clouds over the landscape with governments around the world abandoning their earlier commitments to increase affordable access to care for hundreds of millions in need. Health services are being cut-back, essential medicines stocked-out and our hopes for survival beat down.

The human right to health is under attack from powerful people who do not use public health services, and probably never have. Unaccountable governments, with their top-down health systems, infected by corruption and vested interests, are not going to lead on finding solutions. It’s no surprise that this state of global health is depressing and demoralising people living with life threatening diseases, physical or mental disabilities, and their advocates everywhere. It’s making us all sick!

It’s now vital to mobilise and fight for the rights that all the UN Member States (our governments) have agreed to fulfil.
For our collective well being — speak up for our right to health.
Join the struggle… Participate!
Postscript: This was originally posted on exactly five years ago this week. It’s not only still relevant, but considering what opposition we now face in late 2016, it’s more vital than ever to activate, to educate, to agitate, and to get more folks to participate and cooperate.

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