RIght to Health Includes Access to Generic Drugs

AnandGroverMillions may lose access to necessary generic medicines

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to health, Anand Grover, warns that the “EU-India draft Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could prevent people from all over the world from gaining access to life saving and life prolonging medicines. Much of the developing world depends on India for generic medicines at affordable costs. Restrictions on generic drug production will have a devastating public health impact and affect the right to health for millions of people.” India’s ability to provide low cost generic medicines is primarily due to its intellectual property laws, particularly trade related aspects of patent law, which allows for generic production of safe and efficacious medicines. But some aspects of the FTA which are currently in negotiation between India and the EU threaten this system, he says.
According to Grover, people living with HIV would be disproportionately affected, primarily because the majority of anti-retroviral treatments used to treat the virus are provided through generic medicines produced in India.

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Innovative! Swipe smart card, get medicine anywhere

wanna_innovatePeople with HIV/AIDS will soon be able to go out of town without worrying about missing their appointments for treatment at Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) centres.

Within three months, the National AIDS Control Organisation plans to issue smart cards to 3.22 lakh patients who are on ART.

This will enable them to go to any NACO-run centre in India. With a simple swipe of the smart card, the doctor at the centre will be able to view the patient’s complete medical and treatment history so he or she can give the accurate dose of medicines.

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