Reality check Haiti

Haiti_HIVWhen the top says every thing good and the community says “Non!” the difference is a sign all is not good. when the top thinks it can say only good when PLHA suffer many things maybe system of responsible accountability is absent.

Haitian AIDS Official Declares Haiti’s Epidemic Under Control; Grassroots Activists Balk

Dr. Jean William Pape, director of GHESKIO, Haiti’s research and training center for HIV/AIDS, surprised Haitian activists today by announcing at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna that “the HIV epidemic is being controlled in Haiti.”
“The government didn’t have control of the epidemic prior to the earthquake, so it’s very strange that now, with the situation such a mess, with people going back and forth and no one knowing where to go for help, with families being destroyed, to say that the situation is under control,” said Erick Louis, coordinator at GIPA, an AIDS service organization in Port-au-Prince. Louis has been in Vienna for the last week, advocating on behalf of PHAP+, a Haitian grassroots coalition calling on the government to form a national post-earthquake AIDS plan.

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