Open Health needs Open Net: Tell Google don’t be Evil

GoogleDontBeEvilGoogle is about to cut a deal with Verizon that would end the Internet as we know it. It would allow Google and Verizon to pick which websites will get priority over others and kill Net Neutrality on the mobile Web.

Google’s motto is supposed to be “Don’t Be Evil.” But this deal puts the company in bed with the devil.

Join this mass protest by Google users. Sign this letter to the company’s founders and demand that they kill this deal and stop selling out the millions of people who use the Internet.

Ignoring Corruption’s Enablers: A Tanzanian Story

corruption_graphAll too often reports in the media and public discourse about cases of government corruption overlook two root causes: the lack of budget transparency and weak oversight in the management of public resources. This is certainly the case in Tanzania where over the last five years the media has played an increasingly active role in exposing specific cases of corruption.

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