MSF Kenya: Double sentence for patients – TB + Prison

FreeKenyanPatientsMSF PRESS RELEASE: A double sentence for patients – TB and imprisonment
Nairobi – In recent reports about the detention of two patients infected with tuberculosis in Nandi Central district in Kenya, the action was described as serving as a warning to people with infectious diseases who fail to take their medication. According to medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the detention will increase stigmatization, and will harm rather than help the fight against the infectious disease.
This instance is representative of an international trend towards using forced isolation and treatment to protect public health. MSF believes that the need for better diagnostics and treatments should be at the forefront of the public health debate.

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Finally, a Meaningful WHO Consultation with Civil Society

WHO_StopTB_ConsultationAnother sign that a new day dawns – we loudly applaud this groundbreaking initiative of WHO Stop TB.

Consultation meeting to strengthen the active engagement of civil society organisations in the TB area of work of the World Health Organization. September 30-October 1, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
– Background: Civil society organizations (CSOs) are non-profit organizations that aim to further the interests of the communities they serve. Driven to protect and empower the vulnerable, CSOs work in areas such as community development, service provision, advocacy, activism, and research. They include nongovernmental organizations and community-based organizations, faith-based organizations delivering health services, patients’ and activists’ groups. WHO has acknowledge the crucial importance of civil society organizations in TB control and their engagement is promoted as a critical component in its Stop TB Strategy.

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