German Millionaires Criticize Gates’ ‘Giving Pledge’

stack_cashGermany’s super-rich have rejected an invitation by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to join their ‘Giving Pledge’ to give away most of their fortune. The pledge has been criticized in Germany, with millionaires saying donations shouldn’t replace duties that would be better carried out by the state. Last week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates attempted to convince billionaires around the world to agree to give away half their money to charity. But in Germany, the “Giving Pledge,” backed by 40 of the world’s wealthiest people, including Gates and Warren Buffet, has met with skepticism, SPIEGEL has learned.

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New GIPA Good Practice Guide: Action Required

GPG_GIPAcoverFollowing the launch of a new GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE for the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV (GIPA), action is needed to turn these words into practice. Like hundred of other publications aiming to increase the participation of the community, if PLHIV do not read and the ACT upon these recommendations, no one will. Nice words on paper will remain just nice words.

The pdf is available at: