China: News from AIDS 2010 and Beyond

ChineseProtest_AIDS2010At 5 pm, the crowd began to assemble on the square in front of the Messe Wien convention center. Some handed out signs reading “Broken promises kill” or “we are watching” over photos of giant eyeballs. Others wrestled in the wind with a black-and-white banner reading “No retreat, fund AIDS.”
Two of our colleagues from China stood and stared, astounded. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said one. The other pulled out his camera and started snapping pictures of everything. A parade of red umbrellas trooped out, with protesters carrying them chanting “sex work is work!” And then, from the crowd, came a small line of Chinese gay rights activists carrying a banner that read in English and Chinese, “P.R. China Government, Keep Your Promises.”

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INPUD On the March for Rights at AIDS 2010

inpudmarchINPUD / Nice People Take Drugs – March for Human Rights

Tuesday 20th July 8pm CEST

Join INPUD & Nice people Take Drugs under Drug User Peace Initiative banners.

Photos, reports and tweets posted live to the INPUD Facebook page and to

Videos will be posted online after the event.