Learning Actweetism

actweetism_II_203Sometimes useful new tools can be adapted from existing ones.

To learn more about how social media can serve social movements, we are slowly (but surely) developing a ‘family’ of separate twitter accounts. Each has its own unique identity and purpose, and great attention is paid to building a network of ‘serious’, interested people connected to each individual account.

With this knowledge, we plan to develop a strategic system of interacting with folks via Twitter that will offer practical assistance to human rights / community activists. Thoughts, suggestions and participation are very welcome.

Meet us on:

l8h-wbwb_biggerIMAXI Cooperative @IMAXIcoop
The IMAXI Cooperative forges tools to maximize . Join this mash-up against marginalization.

7d94e41c8b7a0bb171ae9356aa22f06a_biggerRise & Strive @Right2Health
Raising awareness & supporting action for everyone’s .

UHyvIQst_biggerEmpowering @IMAXIcoopWomen
Collective tools to help women & girls to empower themselves. Sister of .

a9-s9PL9_biggerCommunity SpeakUp @WHO4ALL
“Nothing About Us Without Us” meets “Leave No One Behind” at WHO. Have your say with

KaDwLdyU_biggerHumanRightsReaders @ForActivists
Tasty food for thought on topics, by Dr. C.Schuftan () and other progressive writers.

flBKFDx2_biggerRightToParticipate @_Participation
Advancing the human right of people to participate in decisions that affect them and/or their rights.

8n_YUuIr_biggerHumanRightsWriters @WriteYourRights
Making key texts clear & accessible through a system of collective open-drafting, from the bottom-up.
—Now on:

GgNjvmPK_biggerForHealthJustice @FCGH_Forum
Fresh views, recent news and exciting ideas about the Framework Convention on ().

oaTwVqV8_biggerR.Rights @Disabilactive
Advancing the of people with . Our Lives Matter!

VgRKn-56_biggerCivilSocietyForSDG3 @CS4SDG3
Advancing the of Civil Society Organisations () to help achieve the for health.

CnLDaAVw_biggerMsRightz MsRightz is our Actweetism coordinator
Artfully dodging spinning jargon falling from Ivory Towers.
via .  


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