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Human Rights Reader 400

(i): I apologize for this gender insensitive quote that became the title.

[Every 50 Readers, I try to write a Reader about the Readers and their relationship to me, the compiler. Here is what I have to add today].

-For over ten years, I have been painstakingly focusing on the brutal human-rights violations and exploring some alternatives and, in the process, building up a loyal audience.
For a blogger, doing means words since language, we can safely say, is also a form of action. (Geoffrey Cannon, Albino Gomez)

1. As a Chinese proverb says: “The only words that have a right to exist are those that are better than silence”. True. But mind that not all words tell; not all silences hide. (A. Gomez)

2. I firmly believe in our freedom of conscience. I believe I have not only the right, but also the duty to contradict, to criticize, to put in doubt; and, yes, also to coincide with that that I agree-with, but also to say no. (Eduardo Galeano)

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Why Who Funds WHO Is Important

WHO financingAs we are demanding that the Reform of WHO includes the introduction of a system of meaningful participation of affected communities, we must understand how the World Health Organisation works. This includes WHO financing — knowing who funds WHO, how its funds are used, and how some funds seem to buy influence. Furthermore, to “Follow The Money” is a good tool for activists, but first we must be able to understand the overall system of financing.

Below is a good recent post by Mariska Meurs that provides the background to the major financial crisis at WHO, and why civil society must be involved in finding a solution. It’s followed by some very useful reference links. Since a good resolution of WHO’s funding crisis is essential, and the WHO is in the process of selecting a new Director General, we will be posting other related articles in the coming weeks. (‘Talkin bout money money money…)  —@MsRightz

Can the next WHO Director General start on a stronger financial basis?
By Mariska Meurs

At the Financing Dialogue held at the WHO on Monday, 31 October 2016, Member States had mixed reactions to the Director General’s proposal to increase assessed contributions by 10 per cent. Is there a window of opportunity now, before the new DG takes office, to put the organization on a more solid financial basis?

At the Financing Dialogue, some WHO Member States are making an almost impassioned plea for an increase of assessed contribution – even asking why the DG did not propose a larger increase. Others are hesitating, asking for more information before they can decide and yet others showing some reluctance. The proposal will be further discussed at the upcoming Executive Board meeting in January, when the proposed programme budget 2018 – 2019 is on the agenda.

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