Meet-Up Mondays: Towards a Healthy Human Rights Day

UPDATE: Growing bigger and better each week, the 4th #MeetUpMondays is getting ready. Come join the next 'marathon'. Monday 5 Dec. 0h-24h GMT.

Every year, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) marks International Human Rights Day on the 10th of December. Usually, this means a gathering of a few high level people that declare the importance of human rights, with a different annual theme. Few people in the world are aware of Human Rights Day, and even less see the event as a platform to speak-up for the Right to Health, recognized by almost all UN Member States as a universal right. Yet although agreed on paper at the UN, its practice on the ground has not been universal at all.

In this time of "hard times" for almost everyone, social movements are growing around the world to raise awareness of inequities, and to create a dialogue between diverse 'indignants'. 'The People', as Dr. Margaret Chan, DG of WHO, called the bottom billions, are beginning to mobilize, with free and open discussion of the problems so many face. This 'conversation' helps move health forward, including the right to health.

This year the IMAXI Cooperative is organizing a series of social media events to bring people together to discuss the state of the world's health and what can be done to advance the rights of billions to a healthier future. Building on our experiences of 'marathon' non-stop 24-hour 'chats' that span the time-zones for greater participation, a weekly 'maxi-meet-up' is coming soon.

Every Monday, from the 14th of November until Human Rights Day a month later, IMAXI is hosting six simultaneous fresh and friendly chats on Twitter, linked with Facebook and SMS text. The Meet-Up Mondays will offer an online space to share, learn and dialogue with people around the World on dozens of different topics.
Meet-Up, Share-Up and Speak-Up. Just go onto Twitter and follow one or more of these hashtags:
#NCDchat #SDOHchat #R2Hchat #HIV_chat #PAGchat #PALLIchat