The IMAXI Cooperative forges participatory tools to maximize empowerment — it's a mash-up against marginalization, from the bottom-up. Founded by people living with life-threatening diseases and disabilities, we're guided by a human rights-based approach.

In communities around the world there is an increasing awareness that economic and social inequalities are growing, so that more and more people are just barely surviving, minimized on the margins of their societies. In spite of the international recognition of Universal Human Rights, and the associated responsibilities of governments to uphold them, more than half of the world's population struggle every day for adequate food, water, sanitation, housing and health care — some of the rights that everyone, everywhere, should enjoy. Few in these marginalized communities have the time or resources to demand their rights. Even less know how or where to begin.

We are a group of people from around the world that have come together in common cause — the empowerment of people from marginalized communities so that they can attain their fundamental human rights, and help others to do the same. The IMAXI Cooperative, a voluntary association (NGO), was established in 2010 by a few folks without any resources, but with a shared experience of having to struggle for their human rights that they were due. So that others might not also be denied their rights, IMAXI develops tools to help people empower themselves and their communities.

Although we began dynamically, three of the key members of our all-volunteer team were forced to stop their activities in 2013, which brought IMAXI to a grinding halt. Now, after a long recuperation and rehabilitation, we are coming back to life and beginning to rebuild from the ground-up.

Learning from our mistakes, we intend to develop a more sustainable NGO with the resources, both human and material, required to advance our collaborative projects. It will be a 'new and improved' IMAXI Cooperative. We plan to focus our initial efforts on developing tools that help people to attain their right to health, indispensable for the exercise of other human rights and essential for the well-being that advances empowerment. See what tools are now being forged.

We are now inviting new members into the collective. We call upon our peers - people with disabilities or those living with chronic or life-threatening diseases, as well as human rights activists, public health specialists, open source web developers, and progressive people with diverse skills to join this 'mash-up' against marginalization. For a very warm welcome, contact us.

You can also reach us by Twitter @IMAXIcoop